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Covid - 19 latest update 01/10/2020

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

Update 01/10/2020

We are now back open for groups, private lessons, semi-private lessons, Hacks and Pony club however there are some new rules. PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING.


Social distancing rules of 2 metres applies and face coverings must be worn when inside any of the buildings. Please ensure you arrive at the centre in plenty of time before your lesson to prepare and adjust your stirrups to ride.

Group Lessons

  1. You must be able to ride independently. We are not doing beginner group lessons at the moment as we cannot have leaders in the group lessons due to the rule of 6.

  2. Groups are limited to a maximum of 5 riders. First come first served.

  3. All lessons must be pre booked. Payment can be made via cash on the day but please try to bring the correct change.

  4. Prices are £12 for 30mins, £22 for 1 hour.

Pony Club

  1. Pony club is back on but groups are limited to 5 children per group.

  2. Pony club times have been staggered, please check the time of your pony club group when you book.

  3. Booking is now required and is first come first served.

  4. We are currently not taking on any new pony club members as we need to reduce the group sizes.

  5. The price for pony club is £22 please can you try bring the correct change. Thank you.


  1. We are now back offering hacks throughout the week and at weekends.

  2. Hacks are limited to 5 people.

  3. The tracks are currently very busy on a weekend due to the increased amount of walkers and cyclists, so if you could come during the week please do.

  4. The hacks will be at 9.45am please make sure you arrive at the centre for 9.30am to get on.

  5. Hacks are £22 for an hour. Please bring the correct change with you.

Semi-private lessons

  1. We can now have semi-private lesson with people from different households.

  2. Maximum of 5 people per lesson.

  3. Price is £17pp for 30mins and £34pp for 1 hour.


  1. If you are a beginner you must have a private lesson and bring someone with you to lead you as we must remain at a 2 metre distance.

  2. The price of private lessons is £20 for 30mins.

  3. You must have your own hat and gloves to ride with. If you do not have your own you can purchase them at our onsite shop. Hat prices start from £55 and gloves £5. If you do not have them you will be refused to ride.

How to book

  1. Bookings can be made either via Facebook messenger or by phone 01274 686332.

  2. If you are booking on messenger please state the riders name, the horse, the date and time, and type of lesson you require. Please also leave your phone number so we can contact your regarding your booking.

  3. Payment is now back to cash. Payment is to be made on the day. Please bring the correct amount with you.

We are currently not taking on any new customers at peak times which are weekdays 4pm-8pm and weekends as we are very busy at this current time.

Thanks TLE Equestrian Centre.

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