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DIY  Livery

We currently have no vacancies for DIY Livery 

Schooling Livery

Schooling livery would suit you if you require help:

  • With how your horse is going

  • With a problematic horse 

  • To improve your horse whilst on holiday or on maternity


Breaking Livery

At TLE we take horses in for breaking from the age of 3 onwards. We have lots of experience of breaking horses as many of our own are home-bred and produced. After breaking they will be able to walk, trot, canter and jump a small course if necessary. Horses vary in how quick they learn so the length of breaking will depend on the individual horse. This can be discussed when you enquire.


Competition Livery

This livery involves us competing your horse, it can either be a temporary service or long - term. We can prepare your horse for sale if necessary and show them to prospective clients.


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